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the only heaven i’ll be sent to is when i’m alone with you




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PSH! #diaryland

Still do. Just about.

I still do but had to friends-lock it. But I miss it a lot. :(((


I don’t use it as much now because my friends are all in different fandoms, but if you joined fandom only in the Tumblr/Twitter era YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING.

1. Threaded comments that don’t have to be replied to with a whole separate post

2. Profile pages so you could find out about a person and also check out their followers to see if you know people in common/find other people into what you’re into

3. Communities for fic, and newsletter communities for fandoms that rounded up daily news (actor stuff, pics, videos, etc)

4. Much better signal to noise ratio (not seeing the same thing 15 times or having to install xkit just to make your dash readable and filter out fandoms you aren’t in)

5. Just a way, way more grounded sense of where and who people are, instead of shouting into a crowded room all the time

This is my third go-around with Tumblr and fandom, and it’s only manageable now because I’m following hardly anyone (sorry guys). I really cannot wait until somebody makes something that combines the ease of image-posting on Tumblr with the actual content of LJ, because I feel like this place encourages you to be silent.

Shhh, don’t make an original text post, no one wants to read that, especially if it’s just about your personal life (which you couldn’t lock/filter anyhow). Shhh, don’t add text to that reblog, just hide your comments down in the tags, where people have to scroll to see them. Shhh, all you can contribute is a picture of an actor that’s probably already been posted with six different edits to the tag. Just reblog, baby.

I love fandom and fans and it makes me so sad, too, to see what’s been my culture for going on 20 years now get eroded and lost. I don’t know where fandom will be in another 20 years but I’m guessing the history of my chunk of it (Usenet, mailing lists, personal websites, LJ) won’t get carried on.

This can’t be how it continues, this movement towards a model of vocal producers and silent consumers. That’s not fandom. 


I mean, I loved lists, but I loved that LJ helped balance the dynamic of creator/consumer, where the consumer had a voice (I was largely a creator at that point, and am largely a consumer now, sadly) above and beyond, “Wow, great story!” They’d talk about the show, the fandom, and all that jazz, and the lines were nicely blurred, and some of the voices I respected the most never wrote, or drew, or vidded. 

And thinking back, they may have thought they weren’t creators, but that’s just not true. 

They were creating community, and it was awesome. 

I badly miss the days of LJ fandom and community.

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Fifteen things that make me happy!

1. My birb, Rembrandt. Even when he’s cranky after moulting for weeks and weeks (which means itchy prickly new feathers coming in for weeks and weeks), he’s loving, he’s funny, he’s my joy.

2. Reading. Whether it’s an old paperback, my trusty Kindle, or fanfic on my screen, I love to read.

3. Writing. When I’m actually doing it, it’s so much fun.

4. Pictures of attractive men on Tumblr.

5. Pictures of adorable birbs on Tumblr.

6. Tea. I have always been a tea drinker; even in hot weather, I make a pot of tea in the morning and drink the whole thing with breakfast and my daily pills. Good loose-leaf tea is a joy.

7. Music. I know that sounds generic, but it encompasses a lot of things: Singing in a choir; listening to medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music; anything featuring the lute, the viola da gamba, or the bassoon; my current singer/songwriter obsession, Hozier.

8. Dining with friends.

9. Ice cream. I don’t need to explain that, do I? ICE CREAM.

10. Having plants around me. I live in the city by choice, but I have to have potted plants in my environment; I’m grateful for trees, parks, window boxes full of petunias, old houses with front yards full of trees and ivy and flowers.

11. City birds: Mourning doves especially, but sparrows, starlings, pigeons, robins, mockingbirds, catbirds, goldfinches, gulls, ducks.

12. Internet chats with friends.

13. Certain smells: My birb’s feathers, a smell like white tortilla chips; Nature’s Gate Herbal shampoo and conditioner—a sort of cinnamon/chocolate fragrance that lingers on my hair; sage soap; a Tibetan Buddhist incense blend called Tara Healing which always makes me feel better when I’m sick or depressed; Gain laundry detergent.

14. Spring and autumn, milder temperatures, flowers poking up, leaves falling, days and nights in balance.

15. A good night’s sleep.

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The dirty little secret inside the fight for gay marriage: moralists want to own the sex lives of straight people, too


"The real point of Indiana’s marriage laws, as their official defender views them anyhow, is about controlling sexuality – particularly straight people’s sexuality, women’s sexuality and certainly any sex which can be described as pleasurable and not simply procreative. Yes, this includes gay sex, but we’re a small slice of a big ol’, juicy cherry pie. Heterosexual choice, pleasure and health are widely ambushed whenever women are attacked for wanting to use the pill, by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the John Roberts court alike, or whenever access to abortion means potentially having to cross state lines.”

This is what I’ve intuitively known all along. Gays and lesbians are not the problem, really; sex is the problem. The problem is that sex is fun, sex can happen *without* procreation, and when you get right down to it, sex is often more fun for women than for men. Two words, folks: Multiple orgasms.

The fear of same-sex marriage, love, sex is fear of equality between men and women, fear of relationships that aren’t founded on breeding (but nevertheless can nurture children), fear of female sexuality itself and female reproductive capacity. Control, control, control. Can you show me someone who despises homosexuals but *genuinely* respects women and supports feminism? Or someone who thinks women are inferior to men, but doesn’t regard gays and lesbians as effeminate men and failed women? I don’t think so.

Support gays and lesbians getting married and having sex, because if you don’t, the morality police will eventually be looking in *your* window to see if you’re having straight sex in the approved fashion. Support it out of self interest if not because it’s fair and right.

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Norwegian Forest Cats

Guys, I think Freyja’s looking for you.

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  • tumblr: We've introduced a new feature that kills your firstborn.
  • xkit guy: welp, time to program an extension that paints lamb's blood on your sidebar
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How have I been on Tumblr so long and never discovered this wonderful blog? I love taking pictures of mushrooms, though I do it with my semi-smart phone and mostly in the city (there are mushrooms here if you look carefully).

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Always Reblog Ivanova. Ivanova is is always Right.

I want a wacky crossover where Susan Ivanova and Natasha Romanov(a) get drunk together and discuss how they would run the world.

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Favorite pictures of Chris Evans 7/?

*speechless flailing*


Favorite pictures of Chris Evans 7/?

*speechless flailing*

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This is how #Snowpiercer should have ended. 

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is it bad I thought about Chris Evans?

If there’s a cute booty on aenariasbookshelf, my first assumption is that it is the booty of Mr. Evans. *g*

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Yes this gorgeous book is real at last! Release day is TODAY!! It’s been appearing in stores all month but it goes live in ebook today everywhere. Amazon has been dicky because they’ve been suppressing the sales of all Hachette titles, but it *should* be live there, too!

Please share, reblog, squee, ahhhhhhhh! BOOK DAY IS HERRRRREE!

Sample chapter is on my website: 





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The wait is over! SLOW SATISFACTION-last book in Cecilia Tan’s BDSM romance trilogy-is out! Read a sample:

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Babylon 5 + tumblr text posts (part 4/?)

Previously [ I, II, III ]

*hugs every single character in the B5 universe, especially the villains*

*gives G’Kar a little extra squeeze*

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